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Why Use Custom Towels To Promote Your Business

Featured | towel bundle set | Why Use Custom Towels To Promote Your Business | custom embroidered towels

Keep reading to learn why custom towels make great promotional items.

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In this article:

  1. Worry-Free and Cost-Efficient Marketing Strategy
  2. Customized Promotional Items Promote Brand Recall
  3. Amazing Wholesale Discounts for Bulk Orders
  4. Fosters Customer Loyalty
  5. Stand Out with a High-Quality Promotional Product
  6. Helps Generate Referrals
  7. Wide Variety of Towel Choices

7 Reasons to Order Promotional Custom Towels For Your Business Today

1. Worry-Free and Cost-Efficient Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing activities such as television commercials, newspaper/magazine advertisements, telemarketing, or promotional events can be quite costly and require months of planning and research before implementation.

Using promotional items like custom towels is generally more cost- and time-efficient. It doesn’t usually require the kind of manpower and resources you would need for other business promoting activities.

Once you place your order for custom embroidered towels, all you have to do is wait for them to arrive in a few business days. So save yourself the trouble and use custom towels to promote your business!

2. Customized Promotional Items Promote Brand Recall

embroidered towel | Why Use Custom Towels To Promote Your Business | custom embroidered towels
Customized towels are perfect, thoughtful promotional items.

It’s always best to choose a promotional item that promotes brand recall. Brand recall or awareness is the extent to which your brand is remembered or recognized by your target customers.

Studies show that brand recall has a direct impact on sales. The higher the brand recall, the more likely customers will patronize your business.

A great way to ensure brand recall is to customize your promotional items. That way, whenever your client or prospective customer uses them, they’ll remember you and your company.

So, think of the towel as a literal blank canvas. Choose the best color to suit your brand and don’t forget to add your company’s logo.

3. Amazing Wholesale Discounts for Bulk Orders

Another advantage of using towels as promotional items are the wholesale discounts you can avail of. The more towels you order, the lower the price of each towel.

All of RobeMart’s luxurious towel lines have wholesale discount options. Discounts start when you purchase five towels, and they get bigger when you purchase more!

On top of that, once you spend $150.00, shipping is free within the contiguous United States!

4. Fosters Customer Loyalty

two white towels | Why Use Custom Towels To Promote Your Business | custom beach towels
Reward your customers to earn brand loyalty.

Promotional items are usually given to prospective customers to introduce a new product or business. Another way to use a well-crafted promotional item is to gift it to existing customers.

Rewarding your customers is always a good idea! Think about it.

Doesn’t it feel great when you’re given something for free? When you give your customer a gift, they’ll associate those positive emotions with your business, and they are then more likely to come back.

Giving an existing customer a free gift is a great way to maintain your relationship with them. A free gift is a powerful communication tool that conveys how much you value and appreciate them.

So gifting your customers with a memorable promotional item, like a custom towel, can actually help foster customer loyalty!

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5. Stand Out with a High-Quality Promotional Product

Companies give away promotional items all the time. Usually, these “gifts” end up forgotten in a drawer somewhere or they’re thrown out fairly quickly.

Make your company stand out by offering a high-quality promotional product. Choose a promotional item that prospective or existing customers would gladly keep and use.

Unlike other promotional items, a custom towel is a functional and useful gift. Your customers will surely appreciate high-quality towels that they can use for a long time—which means a reminder of your business will have a presence in their homes for a long time as well!

When you order towels from RobeMart, you’re sure to get the best quality for the best prices. All of their towels are OEKO-TEX® approved.

What is OEKO-TEX®? It is a certification offered by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology. Products with this certification have been tested, found free from harmful chemicals, and are safe for use.

6. Helps Generate Referrals

couple touching towel | Why Use Custom Towels To Promote Your Business | custom bath towels
Offer promotional items, such as high-quality custom towels, to your customers in exchange for referrals.

For start-ups or small business, it may be daunting to invest in a promotional item as a giveaway for all of your existing customers or prospective customers. Apart from giving custom towels as a giveaway, there are other ways you can use it to promote your business.

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Another way to use promotional items is as a reward for customers who provide referrals. Existing customers are a great source of new leads.

They can introduce you and your business to untapped markets. This works best when they’re incentivized.

This is where your promotional custom towels come in. You can use them as rewards for customers who provide you with the contact information of potential customers.

Tip: Some companies offer promotional gifts only after successful referrals, but giving the gift regardless of the outcome of the sale has its benefits too. If you give the gift regardless of the outcome, the customer may be more inclined to keep thinking of more referrals they can offer your business.

7. Wide Variety of Towel Choices

You’re sure to find the right towel for your business with RobeMart’s vast selection of towels. It comes in different sizes, colors, and fabrics.

While custom bath towels and custom beach towels are more commonly used as promotional items, RobeMart offers a variety of towels you can choose from. These include:

These towels use terry cloth or a combination of terry cloth and velour. You can be sure that RobeMart’s towels are high-quality and super soft.

Depending on the fabric, RobeMart can offer up to 10 vibrant color choices. With all these choices, it’ll be easy to find the right towel for your business.

However way you intend on using it, it’s always a good idea to have a promotional item on hand for your business. Custom towels make great promotional items because they’re unique, and your customers are more likely to keep them and use them for a long time.

Don’t just put your logo on any towel though! Make sure to choose high-quality towels that deserve to carry your business’ name.

Are you thinking of using custom towels to promote your business? How can we help make this happen? Let us know in the comments section.

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