What did they say about Robemart?

"I was lucky enough to come across an online retailer that sold satin robes for my bridesmaids at an affordable cost. I was a bit skeptical because of the pricing and worried about the quality of the robes not being up to par. Continue watching if you'd like to see my thoughts & a comparison between a robemart robe & a robe purchased through etsy." Desi DIY
"I got the monogrammed wedding robes for myself and for my bridesmaids from Robemart.com. They were so cheap. I got 9 of them." Hayley Paige
"Robemart is almost like a wholesaler website. They give you like a discount depending on how many purchases. Also monogrammed, too... You can choose from a bunch of colors. They have great selection "Hayley Paige"