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11 Comfy Lounge Clothes To Wear At Home That’s Not Your High School Sweatpants

woman wearing brown cardigan leaning on wooden wall | Comfy Lounge Clothes To Wear At Home That’s Not Your High School Sweatpants | comfy clothes | comfortable clothes for women | Featured

Comfy clothes can still be chic and stylish with these loungewear options. Read on to find out more.

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From Couch To Casual Chic: 11 Comfy Clothes You Can Lounge In

1. Lounge Pants

No matter how strong your school spirit, it’s time to toss your high school sweatpants. Excuses of not having comfy enough options out there just don’t apply anymore.

The biggest fashion brands are finally wrapping their heads around the fact that many consumers would pick comfy clothes over high-fashion chic in a heartbeat. Thus, fashionable lounge pants are born!

Lounge pants are available in various materials, cuts, and patterns, like draped jogger pants. Many of them are even designed to have a dual purpose: for lounging about all weekend, or to complete a stylish but casual look.

2. Fleece Leggings

woman wearing fleece leggings inside the house | Comfy Lounge Clothes To Wear At Home That’s Not Your High School Sweatpants | comfy clothes | comfortable clothes to wear at home
Comfortable fleece leggings for wearing around the house

Leggings are already a popular staple among the lazily chic, but fleece leggings elevate the game. Whether they be fleece-lined or entirely fleece, these types of legging are incredibly soft and warm.

Fleece leggings are great for when temperatures start to dip, as they can be worn both inside the house, and outside as well. It’s also an ideal choice for people who like flaunting their shape because it’s form-fitting, but still protects from the cold as well.

Additionally, fleece leggings are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them a versatile addition to your winter wardrobe.

3. Blanket Scarf

It isn’t generally considered socially acceptable to be wrapped in a blanket anywhere but your bed or your couch. But walking around in the warmth and security of a blanket has certainly crossed everyone’s mind at one point.

A blanket scarf is the next best thing. It weaves all that we love about a blanket into the compact versatility of a scarf.

Wrap it around yourself at home, hide under it when refusing to answer the door, or drape it stylishly about your neck as you go out. You can even wrap it around yourself to glam up (or conceal) an outfit you’re not particularly loving that day.

4. Oversized Sweaters

Put away those high school hoodies, the tacky knit sweaters, and the ones with mysterious stains, even if they are the most comfortable clothes you own. Even the most fashionable brands are putting out deliberately oversized sweaters that cater to consumers’ desire for comfort, softness, and stylishness.

Feel free to saunter around your home in just these soft sweaters. Going out? Just put your bottoms on. Or, if you’re in that daring demographic of fashionistas (or just live Ariana Grande), just throw some accessories on — just make sure the sweater is large enough to cover whatever needs to be covered!

5. Nightgown

bamboo chiffon gray night gown | Comfy Lounge Clothes To Wear At Home That’s Not Your High School Sweatpants | comfy clothes | cute comfy lounge clothes
A comfortable bamboo grey nightgown

There are generations of women who would not dare venture out their boudoirs in their nightgowns. But the future has arrived, and even nightgowns are adapting into more versatile pieces that suit more than the bedtime function.

These gorgeous nightgowns are cut to resemble comfortable dresses. Made from bamboo chiffon, these nightgowns are soft to the skin and can fare well under a jacket if you suddenly get dragged out for a dinner date.

6. Kimono Robe

Even robes are adapting towards more versatile appearances and functions. Kimono robes are no exception.

Tracing their origins to ancient Japan, kimono robes are still popular today as loungewear in modern hotels and bathhouses in Japan. In the United States, kimono robes had been a bathroom and bedroom staple, but that’s quickly changing.

Oversized and draped cardigans are reminiscent of kimono robes, so why not step ahead? For example, this gorgeous kimono robe has a delicate lace trim, making it a chic addition to both your lounging and going-out outfits.

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7. Lounge Dress

Some days you just don’t even have enough energy to pull out two separate pieces of clothing to build an outfit. But don’t resign yourself to those ratty, oversized shirts just yet.

Lounge dresses are often made with soft and plush materials, and some even come with hoods and pockets. This way, you can take snacks, sweets, and your phone anywhere with you as you amble about your home.

It also saves you from judgmental glances from unexpected visitors or roommates. You can even go straight out the door for a walk without bothering to change.

Look for designs and colors that make you feel good, and you’ll be ready for spontaneous outings or video calls without sacrificing comfort.

8. Flannel Shirts

woman wearing flannel shirt in a forest | Comfy Lounge Clothes To Wear At Home That’s Not Your High School Sweatpants | comfy clothes | comfy clothes brand
A loose and comfortable flannel shirt

They’re not strictly for hipsters and lumberjacks anymore. But they may have been onto something, with flannel’s soft and smooth texture.

Many flannel shirts come with buttons, and buttons may sound so tedious on a day when you want nothing more but to do as less as you can. But flannels are a great layering piece you can throw on over a ratty shirt you refuse to throw away but also refuse to be seen in while in public.

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9. Velvet Duster

If you consider yourself a laid-back person but have a penchant for drama, dusters should be a wardrobe staple. A velvet duster is great at keeping your body warm and for giving you a dramatic entrance as you sweep down from your staircase and flit from room to room.

Perfect for wearing at home during special events like family holidays, or cold outdoor events like barbecues, this duster will keep you warm. It can even dress up any simple outfit you choose to wear underneath.

10. Oversized Cardigans

You may be happy to hear that you won’t need to go shopping for an oversized cardigan. They may already exist within the wardrobe of larger and older males in your family, or from a begrudging partner.

Oversized cardigans are built for comfort and are great to throw on during chilly days. They also don’t look out of place if you decide to run errands in them.

They may come with hoods and pockets as well, which gives them plus points for utility. It also gives an air of casual chic when thrown over a dress or a casual outfit.

11. Camisole

grayscale photos of five camisoles | Comfy Lounge Clothes To Wear At Home That’s Not Your High School Sweatpants | comfy clothes | womens comfy clothes
Comfortable camisoles to wear around the house

Camisoles are perfect for hot days when you don’t want anything sticking to your arms. Made with a variety of fabrics, and for a range of functions from sleepwear, to exercise, and casual wear, camisoles are among the greatest home wear staples for summer.

There are camisoles that have lace trimming, some are form-fitting, and some are more loose and airy. Some of them even come with padding and strap adjustments, so you don’t have to even think about putting on a bra.

Going out? Throw any of the coverups in this list over it. Or strut around outside and enjoy the fresh air on your bare arms.

It’s time to graduate from your high school sweat pants. The options for cute, comfy clothes out there are endless, and it won’t take long before you come across your own brand of stylish loungewear.

Go on be a couch potato! But be a stylish one, or at least stylish enough to spare yourself the hesitation of running outside without changing clothes.

What’s your favorite comfy clothes ensemble for when you’re at home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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