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9 Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

Feature | Young beautiful woman taking shower in bathroom | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

Boost your self-care routine with these bath accessories that will help relax and de-stress you with every shower or bath!

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Self-Care Bath Accessories to Add to Your Routine

1. Slippers

Slippers | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

Wearing slippers at home, especially when you are inside the bathroom, does not only protect your feet from the cold and dirty floor but also provides a few health benefits.

One benefit worth mentioning, lowered risk of catching a cold or the flu. Cold feet causes the blood vessels in your nose to constrict, thus reducing blood flow. This directly impacts the white blood cells’ ability to fight off viruses.

Besides that, who doesn’t enjoy the cozy feeling of warm toes? Wearing slippers certainly amps up that warm and cozy feeling you crave after a long day.

Our hotel and spa slippers can give your feet the warmth and protection they need, so you feel pampered and luxurious at the same time. They come with adjustable velcro, open toe, and closed designs for you to choose which fits you best!

2. Washcloths

Washcloths | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

Using washcloths primarily allows you to have cleaner skin, as they will do the work of effectively ridding your skin of dirt than plain running water and your hands. Washcloths can also help pave the way for brighter skin, as they help exfoliate your face gently. The texture of the cloth aids in removing dead skin cells.

Using a warm and damp washcloth laid gently on your face can also make you feel just like you’re in a spa, right in the comfort of your own bathroom! The warm steam from the washcloth can help open your pores, letting your rich moisturizing products settle into your skin much more effectively.

Robemart’s eco white washcloths are up to the challenge of transforming your bathroom into a home spa with their double stitch edge, making them more durable.

3. Bath Towels

Bath Towels | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

You don’t want to miss out on this in your collection of luxury bath accessories! Bath towels are a no-brainer in helping you dry off after a refreshing shower or bath.

But not all bath towels are created equal. One important thing to remember in getting your own bath towel is choosing the right fabric. Those made of cotton not only absorb water well, they also dry quickly. Plus, cotton bath towels are incredibly soft on the skin —a difference you’ll definitely feel and appreciate.

Want a towel in 100% cotton? Our bath towels fit the bill. These eco-friendly towels will even become softer with each wash.

4. Headbands

Headbands | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

If you’ve been to spas, you’ll also realize the importance of using a velcro bathroom headband — it can help protect your hairline from breaking out from the accumulation of facial products. Why not replicate this experience at home?

Smooth your hair away from your face when you do your facial beauty routine with a cloth headband. Self-care is all in the details, and wearing a headband helps keep your hair in place and helps you feel more put-together.

5. Bathrobes

Bathrobes | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

If you’re talking about a complete bath accessories set, a quality bathrobe might be one of your top priorities. Preserve the warm and relaxing feeling you just got from a nice bath or shower by wrapping yourself in a fluffy and luxurious bathrobe.

Aside from that, bathrobes today have various designs and styles that would fit anyone’s personality or character. If you believe part of self-care is to express yourself authentically, then finding the perfect robe that shows off or reflects your personality is a great means to that end.

Why stop at one? Invest in a thicker, longer one for the winter, and a shorter, lighter wrap or kimono for the warmer months. Regardless if you’re looking for comfort, warmth, or style in bathrobes, our selection of robes have them all. Have fun choosing!

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6. Replacement Bathrobe Belts

Replacement Bathrobe Belt | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

It’s always wonderful to have a spare when it comes to useful items you take for granted — like bathrobe belts! The main function of the belt is for you to have freedom in adjusting it around your waist for convenience and comfort.

It also holds the robe in place, so you feel secure when you move around. What’s the point of wearing a robe that doesn’t make you feel safe and comfortable? Keeping your peace of mind is an act of self-care, after all!

You can choose from our selection of replacement bathrobe belts that come with a terry cloth and a square pattern.

7. Hand Towels

Hand Towels | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

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Hand towels are essential for safely and neatly drying your hands. Isn’t it nice to use a high-traffic space, like the kitchen sink and guest bathroom, knowing all essential amenities are provided?

Aside from that, hand towels are reusable, so they are also cost-effective than using paper towels.

Our hotel and spa hand towels are perfect, because not only are they soft, they are also eco-friendly. Score one for both you and Mother Nature!

8. Bath Mats

Bath Mats | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

Your safety is always a priority when you get out of the tub or shower, and bath mats take on this responsibility. These mats keep you from slipping and falling.

Because their nature is to absorb water, bath mats also serve as a temp buffer for your feet between when you get out from a hot shower and the cold floor, for example. They make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the change in temperature.

Take a look at our bath mats as they provide a soft and luxurious feel for your feet, just right for after every shower or bath.

9. Makeup Bags

Makeup Bags | Bath Accessories You Need For Everyday Self-Care

Makeup bags are not strictly for keeping your makeup stash; they’re handy for storing other small items needed in the bathroom. These bags are ideal for keeping your facial cleanser, deodorant, bathroom headband, and others in one place.

Keeping your bathroom neat and organized with makeup bags makes your time spent primping in the bathroom more enjoyable. It’s also a great way to resolve any stress brought about by a shared bathroom. Each person can have their own bags to avoid mix-ups. That’s definitely one good way to stay stress-free!

You don’t have to get confused,  because you can choose a few from our collection of waffle makeup bags with different colors. You can put your makeup in one color and your skincare in another.

With our list of essential bath accessories, you’re well on your way of instilling the value of self-care in even the smallest and simplest of acts, like taking a shower! Complete your bath accessories set today with high-quality items meant to make your experience all the more enjoyable.

What other bath accessories can you add to the list above? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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