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Should A Washcloth Be Part Of Your Skincare Routine?

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The answer is yes, a washcloth should be part of your skincare routine! We’ve compiled a list of all the reasons why you need one within reach in the bathroom today.

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Washcloth for Skincare

1. A Washcloth Mildly Exfoliates Your Skin

Who doesn’t want instantly visibly cleaner and rosier skin? Exfoliation rids our faces and bodies of dead skin cells and dirt that crust up on the skin’s surface.

A washcloth’s fibers will rub away any grime and dirt and clear up the skin’s pores for a better, cleaner look.

2. Washcloths are Environment-Friendly

You can reuse a washcloth over and over since you can just toss them in the laundry. Imagine all the disposable facial cleansing wipes and their plastic packaging you’ll no longer contribute to the landfills if you use a washcloth instead.

Also, many commercial exfoliant products are purportedly made from synthetic materials harmful to the environment.

It’s no secret synthetic exfoliants remove dirt from our skin using plastic microbeads which find their way into the rivers and oceans. If you’re looking for a reason to switch to an organic skincare routine, this should be one of those reasons.

If you find your washcloth is a little worn out, you’ll feel less guilt tossing it out. Since some brands create some washcloths out of plant fibers, they are biodegradable. They’ll break down faster than any artificial items would.

3. A Washcloth Effectively Cleans Your Face

Makeup cakes up on your skin and clogs your pores. While you may love layering on all the contents of your makeup kit, it often means a simple splash of water with your hands won’t necessarily do to take it all off.

You can get a face washcloth to lift off all the pigments, oils, and powders of your makeup out of your skin faster and more effectively. Steaming your washcloth before use will also allow it to apply gentle, soothing heat as you remove your makeup from your face, for a little extra stimulation and glow.

4. A Washcloth Does Not Leave Harmful Trace Chemicals

bamboo washcloth | Should A Washcloth Be Part Of Your Skincare Routine? | crochet washcloth

The best beauty routine can also be the most simple one. You might find that you could do without all those pricey cleansers and exfoliants and just stick to a simple washcloth and a bowl of water to clean your face.

In just June of this year, the US Food and Drug Administration found traces of asbestos, a cancer-causing chemical, in Claire’s JoJo SiWa Makeup Set and Beauty Plus’ Contour Effects Palette. This stresses why a lot of experts are pushing for the FDA to gain more power to exert influence over the US beauty industry so there’s more clarity on the ingredients that go into beauty and skincare products.

Just to stay safe since consumers find it hard to gain transparency on what goes into your skincare, it’s best to stick to the basics like a washcloth soaked in good, clean water.

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5. You Can Mix and Match a Washcloth with Your Favorite Skincare Products

A washcloth’s absorbent material makes it a good applicator or remover of skincare products. You can buy a washcloth made with organic materials like bamboo to apply a range of your safe and non-toxic skincare.

A washcloth will help apply lotions on your skin well, or remove any mask residue as you rinse off. The slight exfoliation from the cloth can also help in sloughing off dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smoother and more refreshed.

6. A Washcloth is Non-Allergenic

Some beauty products contain harsh chemicals, to remove germs and bacteria, and preservatives, to keep the product fresh and prevent mold from growing. Yes, these substances prolong the shelf life of these beauty products but these ingredients can cause an allergic reaction.

If you’re concerned about this, consider switching to safer and more gently-formulated skincare products and tools.

Manufacturers know the value of washcloths for beauty and wellness, so they’ve started creating ones made of organic, non-allergenic materials like bamboo or cotton.

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If your skin is extra-sensitive, you can potentially avoid painful or unsightly skin rashes or even acne by using a clean washcloth on your face, and by sticking to organic or hypoallergenic skincare products from sources you trust.

7. The Best Washcloths are Made of Bamboo and Turkish Cotton

Most washcloths boast rougher fibers which your skin may find too abrasive. To truly care for your skin, you’ll need to find either a Turkish cotton washcloth or a bamboo washcloth.

Some manufacturers prefer Turkish cotton over other cotton blends since it provides a great balance between softness and absorbency. They use Turkish cotton for their luxury products and fabrics.

Meanwhile, bamboo-blend cotton provides an ultra-mild feel, so it has become popular among luxury fabric manufacturers as well. Select consumers likewise choose bamboo fabrics since they are biodegradable, unlike more synthetic ones like microfiber.

If you’re thinking which among the two you’d be better off buying, bear in mind Turkish cotton washcloths are known to last longer, while bamboo cotton washcloths provide a gentler touch. A Turkish cotton washcloth will save you money in the long run thanks to its durability while a bamboo washcloth will give your face a solid pampering experience.

It’s a good thing RobeMart sells Turkish cotton and Bamboo blended washcloths so you get the best of both worlds.

A washcloth serves as the perfect addition to your beauty and skincare routine because it will keep your skin pristine and clean, while adding a little extra pampering touch.

Since you can use a washcloth over and over, you not only get to keep your face clean, you can also keep the Earth safe by avoiding the use of disposable beauty products.

What items do you use to apply and remove your beauty products and to care for your face? Would you use a washcloth to replace them? Give us your answers in the comments section below.

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