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5 Best Maternity Robes That Are Perfect For Stylish Moms-To-Be

Featured | pregnant woman wearing robe | Best Maternity Robes That Are Perfect For Stylish Moms-To-Be | maternity robe | plus size maternity robe

Merging style and comfort when you’re expecting or have just given birth can be challenging. A maternity robe can be exactly what you need. Here are some great options every new mama should treat herself to!

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Maternity Robe Options for Pregnant Women

1. Lace Robes

lace trim robe | Best Maternity Robes That Are Perfect For Stylish Moms-To-Be | maternity robe | silk maternity robe

For your baby shower with the ladies, match the festive mood with a luxurious lace robe. You can even personalize it, regardless of size. And when the party’s over, you can wear it  for maternity photo shoots, visits from well-wishers after giving birth, or even just lounging around when you’re feeling a little extra.

Plus, many women like to embrace their elegance and sexuality while pregnant, so what better way to do this than with a sensual and feminine lace robe? Ultra-soft and smooth, this garment is the perfect piece for wearing to a romantic dinner at home with your significant other, or on your babymoon.

Here’s where sexy femininity meets ultimate comfort—lace robes are an affordable and stylish addition to any sleepwear wardrobe selection. They are perfect for stylish moms who still want to look and feel glamorous even  while relaxing at home or making the most out their alone time.

Add another layer of coverage to your lace robe, and you can create the perfect sleep wardrobe. A bamboo lace nightgown or pajama set works well with this maternity sleepwear.

2. Satin Robes

satin kimono robe | Best Maternity Robes That Are Perfect For Stylish Moms-To-Be | maternity robe | floral maternity robe

Many pregnant women find themselves spending more time at home, whether to rest or to nest, which is why they require ultimate comfort when they move around. Being both indoors and outdoors requires a specific garment that lets them reach a supreme level of relaxation, which satin robes can provide.

Satin is a fine material, offering the perfect combination of low maintenance and durability. This fabric can easily maintain its like-new quality even after several washes and keep its soft and silky luster for years.

Nothing feels more wonderful than waking up in snug, satin maternity nightwear. This wardrobe essential lets you move around with ease while also making you feel like you’re still in between your sheets even when you aren’t.

If you’re the type who would welcome visitors at the hospital to meet your bundle of joy, satin robes make the ideal maternity robe. Their ultra-soft, silky, and relaxed feel provide utmost comfort, and they’re more than presentable for meeting guests.

You can’t go wrong with an eye-catching and sleek classic—no matter the color. From fun baby showers to sleepless nights breastfeeding, satin robes can carry you through them all.

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3. Waffle Robes

waffle kimono robe | Best Maternity Robes That Are Perfect For Stylish Moms-To-Be | maternity robe | maternity robe set

If you want to wrap yourself in luxurious softness, go for a waffle robe that’s perfect for daily use. It makes a great robe for hospital delivery, keeping your warm and snug throughout your stay.

A waffle robe makes a great maternity robe because of its durability and long-lasting qualities. It’s practical choice for pregnant women or new moms, because it is mostly made using cotton and microfiber fabric that can be easily washed.

Robes made of waffle weave also offer top-notch breathability, allowing their fabric to dry quickly. They also allow for optimal air circulation, ideal for keeping cool or warm wherever you may be.

4. Kimono Robes

waffle-kimono-lavender-short-robe-square-pattern-maternity robe

One of the world’s most iconic pieces of fashion, the traditional Japanese garment has made its way mainstream in the form of kimono robes. Some definite pros include the fact that it’s lighter than an ordinary jacket, more stylish than a cardigan, and sexier than a plain dressing gown. You can dress it up or down, too.

There’s a wide range of unique cuts, elaborate designs, and captivating colors to choose from, but you can also go for plain and subtle kimono robes.  It can get frustrating trying to feel fashionable when you’re sporting a big bump or have just given birth, so the trendy style of the kimono robe can help you feel more confident.

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There’s also a practical side to choosing a kimono robe as your maternity robe. The shorter, wider sleeves mean you won’t have to worry about constantly pushing up your sleeves when you’re busy with the baby. Anything that makes a new mom’s life easier and more comfortable is a maternity must-have!

5. Silk Robes

lush meadow green robe | Best Maternity Robes That Are Perfect For Stylish Moms-To-Be | maternity robe | best maternity robe

With their luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, silk robes make the ideal maternity nightgown for women who seek comfort. This natural fiber discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics, so it’s perfect for pregnant women with sensitive skin and allergies, and for wearing after birth because it won’t harm your baby’s delicate skin, either.

Silk also has natural, temperature-regulating properties that make it comfortably cool during the hot months, making it fantastic loungewear in the summer. This all-climate fabric is also warm and cozy in winter, making it the perfect accessory during the cold months.

Consider this a great investment if you’re expecting in the cooler months and giving birth in the summer (or vice versa) — you won’t need to purchase a separate robe that can take you from pregnancy to nursing.

What’s great about a silk robe is it doesn’t get bulky when worn as a second layer. Just like silk bedding, it molds to the body and drapes around smoothly, while also allowing the skin to breathe.

And because of its glamour and opulence, it can make any pregnant woman feel like a goddess. Go for a short silk robe for lounging at home, or an elegant long silk robe for entertaining house guests.

No other garment makes a pregnant woman feel more like a queen than a luxurious and fashionable maternity robe. Check out RobeMart’s selection of robes for women. You’re sure to find the perfect maternity robe.

What is your favorite maternity robe to wear? Let us know in the comments section below.

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