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You Don’t Need To Steal Hotel Towels To Own One

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Hotel towels and hotel robes appear to be fair game, but why slink away from the hotel feeling like a thief when you can own these luxury hotel items without stealing them? Here are some ways you can swaddle yourself in your own hotel towel without the guilt.

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In this article:

  1. Check with Front Desk If You Can Take One
  2. Pay for One If You Really Want It
  3. Trade It for a Service or Review
  4. Shop for Hotel Bath Towels Online
  5. Look for One with a Similar Material as the Hotel Towels You’re Eyeing

Walk Out With Those Luxury Hotel Towels Like A Boss

1. Check with Front Desk If You Can Take One

If you want hotel towels or luxury hotel robes, the best way to go about it is to directly ask management if they’re giving away these items for free. Hotel chains give away complimentary items all the time, from soaps and shampoos to stationery and cutlery, so it’s possible some of these businesses give away wearables to guests.

Asking beats stuffing hotel spa robes or hotel towels into your bag without permission (and possibly getting apprehended by management upon checkout, with an embarrassing outcome).

For one, some boutique hotels don’t factor in guests stealing away their hotel luxury reserve towels and guests doing so on a regular basis will pile into their operating costs and appear as losses. These small businesses will definitely increase their room rates and the next guests will have no choice but to shoulder the price hike for their stays.

Hotels will also charge you for missing items in your room. If you don’t want any extras appearing in your credit card bill, you’d best keep your hands to your own things while you pack your bags. It’s essential to be mindful of hotel policies and avoid taking any items that are not provided as complimentary amenities.

Finally, some hotels, like the ones overseas, will call in law enforcement to arrest guests who’ve pilfered any of the room items. Those small hotel towels can start big trouble for you so it’s better to acquire them in legit ways.

2. Pay for One If You Really Want It

Again, you can call the front desk and ask if they sell their hotel towels to guests.

Hotels and hospitality businesses embellish their logos on hotel towels to connect their brands to the comfort, luxury, and cleanliness these items bring. It’s only savvy marketing for these businesses to sell these items to customers so they can bring a piece of the brand (and the positive attributes it connotes) home.

Hotel towels can promote the chain behind them by allowing others to experience a hint of what it’s like to stay in one of the hotel’s rooms.

3. Trade It for a Service or Review

woman holding phone wearing robe | You Don't Need To Steal Hotel Towels To Own One | hotel robe

Boutique hotels and bed and breakfast places need all the exposure they can get. If you own a blog with reasonable enough traffic or you’re a social media influencer, you can try asking management if they’re willing to give you a gift package consisting of their hotel bathrobes, hotel towels, soaps, and shampoos in exchange for a lengthy post about their business or several mentions on your social media accounts.

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4. Shop for Hotel Bath Towels Online

Some big hotels, like Marriott for example, now sell their branded room items online. This includes their hotel towels, beddings, hotel robes, and toiletries.

With all the hotel merchandise appearing online, you no longer need to pay a large sum of money just to stay in a 5-star hotel just to indulge on the grand things they put in their rooms. You can skip the stay and simply use the money for the hotel towels instead.

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Whether it’s the plushness of the towels or the coziness of the robes, these items allow you to recreate the feeling of a luxury hotel in the comfort of your own space.

5. Look for One with a Similar Material as the Hotel Towels You’re Eyeing

Once a big hotel stamps their name on merchandise, you can expect the business profiting from putting their brand on a product like a seal of approval.

You can save money by finding out the fabric the hotel towel you want is made of and buying the same exact kind from a smaller business. At RobeMart, for example, you can find luxury bath towels that provide the same feel and quality as hotel towels do without the hefty price tag.

You can buy towels boasting of the following materials:

  • Cotton Bath Towels: Cotton provides a downy, comfortable feel while staying plush. The Cotton Eco Towels from Robemart easily rivals most hotel towels you’ll find in fluffiness and durability.
  • Turkish Cotton Towels: Turkish cotton distinguishes itself from the Egyptian cotton manufacturers use in clothing by providing the perfect blend of absorbency and downiness. This makes the cotton strain perfect for towels.
  • Terry Towels: Manufacturers create terry towels by knitting them with loops that can hold a larger portion of liquid (thus, making terry cloth towels very absorbent). You can say these terry cloth towels emerge out of their knitting technique rather than their materials.
  • Velour Bath Towels: Velour transports anyone who feels the fabric to a world of classic charm and elegance. If you want your towel to make you feel like you’re drying yourself in the bathroom of your 5-star hotel suite, better get a velour bath towel.
  • Hybrid Towels: You can get the best of all worlds by combining different kinds of fabric and using different kinds of techniques when weaving to get the best hotel towels. RobeMart sells special ones like Turkish Cotton Velour Towels in different sizes and colors.

Hotel stays give us much-needed me-time and relaxation but the guilts of stealing hotel towels can ruin the experience of sleeping several nights in a lavish, well-appointed room.

Give yourself the luxury of hotel towels without the needless stress and let the usher lead you out feeling like a queen or a king instead of a petty thief. You can have the comfort and elegance of a hotel experience right in the comfort of your own home without feeling any guilt — you just need to purchase the right kind of hotel towels.

What fabric items do you want to steal from a hotel room? What makes you want to keep them? Give us your insights in the comments section below.

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